Postellation: a Lean and Deployable DTN Implementation

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DTN News Service

Get RSS/Atom feeds delivered to you over DTN!



We think that a DTN (Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network, see is well-suited for reliable news delivery. Whether you are deep in the jungle with intermittent access, or in a galaxy far away, we can keep you informed.

Our servers continually poll RSS and Atom feeds. At the frequency of your choosing, we will package a news bundle and deliver it reliably over bundle protocol to your inbox.

This is a free service by Viagénie.

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Please fill the following short form.

* Feed URL

RSS or Atom feed URL. Pick from our fine selection, or enter any other URL manually.

* Frequency
Frequencies are based on Earth days and years.

* Your Inbox EID

Destination for the news bundle. E.g. dtn://mars.cosmos.dtn/inbox

* E-Mail

If you are using our Postellation DTN implementation, you will start receiving news right away. If you are using another DTN implentation, We'll contact you at this address for information on establishing DTN connectivity.

Additional Information

Any additional information that you'd like to share with us.
We'd like to know your name and organization, as well as what you'll use this service for.

How to...

...receive the news bundle

Postellation as well as the DTN2 reference implementation comes with the dtnrecv utility. It can be used to receive the bundle this way:

$ dtnrecv -o news####.xml dtn://mars.cosmos.dtn/inbox

This will output one XML file for each bundle received. Change dtn://mars.cosmos.dtn/inbox to the destination EID you have entered in the above form. the news bundle

Safari can read a local file with a URI such as feed:file:///path/to/news####.xml.

Akregator needs the URI to read file:///path/to/news####.xml.

For any other news aggregator that needs an HTTP URI, one could run a local web server to serve the local file over HTTP.